Have you ever wondered why that top looked fab on the hanger yet when you tried it on it did nothing for you? The answer is it could be something as simple as colour; wearing the wrong colour can make your skin look dull and your whole ‘look’ dowdy.

Your skin tone and eye colouring is unique; so colour analysis helps you to understand which colours work best and look great on you which saves both time an money when shopping for clothes.

At the consultation I will help you discover your true colours – the ones that make you glow and look fabulous. Did you know that wearing the right tones and hues can make you look younger and healthier? I will also show you which colours not to wear.

I will advise you on your best neutral colours for basics such as jackets coats and suits, and then demonstrate how the clever use of accent colours can make your outfit look stunning. We will discuss building and creating a capsule wardrobe making your clothes work together and giving you more outfits from fewer clothes I will also show you your best make-up to compliment your skin tone and lipsticks that will give you the WOW factor

Knowing this will help you with future shopping trips making them both fun and exciting!

Coco Chanel –
The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you