Diane Miller

As a young girl and teenager I was tall, skinny, gangly and not what you would call pretty! Being taller than all my friends made me slope my shoulders and I developed a low self- esteem.

My wonderful mum encouraged me to start ballet to help with my posture and I loved it! It was here I started to gain self-confidence. I also loved to play dress up and would queue at jumble sales to find hidden gems to add to my dressing up box, this is where I discovered the wonderful world of clothes and fashion……….

My first job as a window dresser led me to later on open my own boutique, during which time I trained as a fashion model. With this skill and experience I was able to run modelling and deportment classes, which not only showed girls how to walk a catwalk, but also encouraged and gave women of all ages the opportunity to gain confidence in the way they carried and projected themselves.

After years of staging fashion shows I was given the chance to go to London and Milan with a television company where I had the exciting task of styling the actress Michelle Collins for ‘Closer Magazine’.

I was also given the privilege to be coached by the fabulous David Kappo at the legendary Central St Martins in London. This gave me the opportunity to go to Milan for coaching at the world famous Instituto Marangoni (Dolce and Gabbana fame) on design and style.

My work was chosen to be showcased at a celebrity fashion event at the ‘Battersea Marquee’ where the supermarket giant Asda took on my designs and sold them in their larger southern stores.

Armed with the wealth of my experience, I knew I wanted to use it to help and encourage other women to gain confidence to achieve their goals and dreams. I subsequently went on to train as an Image and Style Consultant and qualified as a Life-Coach.

I now combine my passion for style with the love of encouraging others to reach their true potential.

I feel truly blessed to be working with people from all walks of life showing and revealing to them how fabulous they really can be.