My mission is to help and inspire you to be ‘your very best you’ – be it in the life you lead, the path you choose, or the clothes you wear.

I am passionate about encouraging women of all ages and walks of life to become who they are meant to be, showing them through personal styling and coaching how to be confident in all areas and circumstances.

We can be bombarded with perfectionism through the TV, media and glossy magazines with their displays on how we ‘should’ look, how we ‘should’ live, from supermodels to ‘perfect’ housewives and mothers, then end up ‘trying’ to live this ‘perfect’ life, which really doesn’t exist. Don’t get me wrong, it can fun to use these sources of media for ideas as long as we don’t take them too seriously.

I truly believe everyone has the potential to look good and feel fabulous, no matter what age, size, or social status. We are all unique and once we embrace our individuality we can walk into the freedom of knowing we can move towards our personal dreams and aspirations and start living our own life without having to measure up to others.

As the poet Edith Sitwell once said –

If one is a Greyhound why try to be like a Pekingese

If this is a journey you would like to embark on please take a look at the services I have to offer. Do feel free to e-mail me or we can arrange a chat, I would love to hear from you.